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Toggle Switch knob for 3.0mm Thread

Please note:

There are 3 different metric threads offered on toggle switches.

1. These units are M3 x .5 (roughly 7/64") thread, fits many Chinese and other import guitars
2. M4.0 x .7 (roughly 5/32") thread for many Japanese, Chinese,Taiwanese & other import guitars
3. M3.5 x 6 ( roughly 1/8") thread fits most Epi LP and similar guitars

It is very difficult to match all of these details up with specific models, we will help you anyway we can, but it is up to you to determine which know you need. If you do get the incorrect knob, please let us know, we do not have every color for every thread, but we do carry many of the combinations used in the market.

Also note, all manufacturers have used various suppliers and dimensions over the years, we cannot guarantee that a specific product line used only one thread pattern, there are a lot of variations in all manufacturers product. We will try to help where we can, but we may not be able to specifically identify a single model and year setup.
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