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Screws and Bolts

Fasteners for Guitar Repair and Building

Mounting and hardware screws for guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer and many other musical instruments

Bridge Mounting ScrewsScrews for Jack Plates and Trim RingScrews for Electric and Bass GuitarsScrew for Pickguards and Control Plates
Screws and Bolts for Pickguard BracketsScrews for Mounting PickupsScrews fpr Tremolo BridgesScrews for Truss Rod Covers and other trim
Screws for Tuners and Truss Rod CoversDrill Bits FractionalDrill Bits in Metric SizesDrill Bits in Number Sizes

Select by Size:

#2 screws3-48 Bolt

#3 screws4-20 Bolt

#4 screws4-40 Bolt

#6 screws#5 screws

#8 screws

#10 screws

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