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Abalone Caps Bushings
Dual Control Hat Style
Lever Switch Pearl Caps
Push on metric 18 spline Push on metric 24 spline
Screw on 1/4" Screw on metric
Toggle Switch Wood

Knobs for Bass and Electric Guitars

A wide variety of knobs to fit control pots, switches and other electronics for musical instruments

Bushings for Custom Guitar and Bass Knobs
Hat Type Knobs
Knobs for Push Pull PotentiometersKnobs for Blade Lever switchesPush on knob 6mm 18 tooth spline
Push on knob 6mm shaft 24 tooth splineKnobs for 1/4" Screw on shaftsScrew on knobs metric Toggle Switch Knob
Wood control knobs for guitars and bass electric

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Knob lever switch black Knob lever switch black Knob lever switch cream
Knob lever switch ivory Knob lever switch white Knob lever switch red
Knob toggle switch american thread amber Knob toggle switch american thread black Knob toggle switch import thread black