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Fret Wire Selection Chart
Last Updated: 03/22/2016
The following is a suggested fret wire size for various musical instrument setups.

This chart is simply a suggested size, a lot depends on the builder and player of these instruments for the specific setup.

Part #DescriptionCrown WidthCrown HeightSuggested InstrumentFret Slot
123015Low.059" (1.5mm).024" (.60mm)Mandolin
123023Medium Low.091" (2.3mm).039" (1.0mm)Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
123024Medium.094" (2.4mm).047" (1.2mm)Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
123027Jumbo .106" (2.7mm).039" (1.0mm)Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
123029Tall Jumbo.114" (2.9mm).051" (1.3mm)Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
.024" - .025"
123030Wide Tall Jumbo .118" (3.0mm).057" (1.45mm)Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
.024" - .025"

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